Eduardo Carranza Jimenez

Puebla, Puebla

Phone: (522) 22735-3039

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The Mission For My Life Is...

Connect with my surroundings and help others to find the best solutions to their situations based on reframing their way of thinking and finding internal and external resources available at any given moment and creating angles and different perspectives to get the best picture out of their lives.

Conectar con mi entorno y ayudar a otros a encontrar soluciones a  diversas situaciones basadas en la restructura en su forma de pensar, encontrando recursos internos y externos que tengan disponibles en cualquier momento y crear ángulos de visión y perspectiva que les brinden una vista panorámica de sus vidas.


Licensed psychologyst and Operating Principal to a Market Center in Puebla City, Mexico. 

My personality, skillset and orientation to results have taken me to be one of the youngest Operating Principles in KW Mexico. 
I was born in Puebla City in the year of 1991 and I have always enjoyed to be an agent of change in my comunity or my social circle. 

I am passionate about my business and about people, because I have found the perfect merge between my profession and my career on Real Estate, by helping others to identify their needs and make a plan to achieve their goals. 

I was raised in a family that showed me that love, respect and kindness give you the keys to the world.