Shannon Hicks

Trafalgar, Indiana

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The Mission For My Life Is...

The mission for my life is to teach people how to grow their net worth and become the best version of themselves.


You know, I hate when you read a bio and don't learn much about who the person is. So let's start with that. Here is a bit about me. 

I landed my first job in real estate when I graduated college at 22. It was a director of leasing for a commercial development company where I was responsible for leasing 13 commercial properties. 

I was with this company for a few years before the great financial collapse of 2008. At this time I moved to corporate real estate where I worked on a real estate team for Eli Lilly. Here I worked in a support role for the team and the company through their expansions worldwide. Fun stuff until I felt that my entrepreneur soul was being suffocated by corporate America.

This is when life became fun. I quit my 8-5 and joined my mom in expanding her retail consignment business. We opened a new location where we sold gentle used furniture. This was my first experience in management and truly putting my heart and soul into a small business. I also started back into commercial sales and leasing while transitioning into residential real estate sales. 

Fueled by many years of the ups and downs of business ownership I now fast forward to today. I'm the visionary for my real estate team the Shannon Hicks Group at Keller Williams. My husband and I have acquired multiple long term, short term and commercial rentals that make up our property investment portfolio. In 2020 we started an excavation and construction company, HCE and in 2022 I opened a local Keller Williams office in my small town. 

My husband and I have 2 adult boys who love getting dirty in our flip projects and enjoy the family businesses. We have 2 fur babies, Dozer and Zues and love traveling.

Growing businesses and creating generational wealth for my family and others is my biggest passion. My dad told me day after day throughout my entire life that I could be and do whatever I set my mind to and I believe this is to be true for everyone.