Rosalia Cracchiolo

Realtor Associate

Phone: (848) 241-6955

Location: Point Pleasant, New Jersey

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The Mission For My Life Is...

My personal mission in life is to create life long opportunities for discovery and mastery.  Creating a community of like-minded people who support, help and hold each other accountable to reach their dreams, their goals and the fulffil their ambitions. My ultimate goal is to create a deliver a network of trusted individuals who build the legacy of family, where a family per se may or may not be present.  That feeling of 'coming home' to a loving and understanding environment which instills wellness, creates memories and leaves the legacy


I am a Realtor Associate with Keller Williams Ocean Living and the daughter of first generation Italian immigrants.  We came to the US with nothing.IHard work and perseverance is what made me strong and allow me to rise to the goals I wnated to acheive.  I"ve been licenses since 2000 and attirbute my success to wealth building strategies grounded in Real Estate.   I received an MBA from the Universtiy of Maryland and have used this knowledge as well as my passion for real estat to create a portfolio that wull sustain my lifestyle.  My dream is to coach and teach students to obtain the same results by applyin the same stratetgies I discovered through trial and error.