Melanie Scott

Amarillo, Texas

Phone: 806-683-9208

The Mission For My Life Is...

My mission is to teach others how to create a mindset and lifestyle beyond their temporary circumstances. To enable them to vision their life beyond what they perceive to be true. I will use my past experiences to lead them to a path of real estate careers, home ownership and investing starting where they are. 


I began my real estate career in 1994 after dreaming about it for 2 years. I was led to believe that I could not have a career while my husband was in the military because " we wouldn't be there long enough" . I was taught to make enough to make the payments but not to invest or for long term stability. I want others to know that it is not only possible but not as difficult as you would think. My husband and I are now a team and we strive to enable military personnel and veterans to start the journey now. I have sold over $50 million in real estate transactions and have built a personal portfolio that enables us to live a lifestyle that we want.