Karen Hillman

Team Leader

Location: Solon, Ohio

The Mission For My Life Is...

To conisistently reach for the best version of me that I can be.
To share my experience in a way that helps others to overcome their own limiting beliefs to achieve their desired outcome.
To think bigger, love more, learn more, play more.
To achieve financial freedom.
To be so positive that failure feels like a win!


Today, I am stronger, smarter, more patient, more giving and more forgiving than I ever imagined was possible..  My personal mission continues to grow and evolve as I navigate through life with experiences, people, learning and feelings.  I am overcoming the scars of repeated abandonment, no value and nowhere to belong. Since around 20 years old, my mission has been to know how to make better choices.  Those increasingly better choices have changed my life from pregnant at 16 years old, on my own living in a metropolitan housing authority apartment and on foodstamps to supplement my income to feed a baby before I started my senior year in high school to becoming the CEO/Teamleader of the business that I am in today.  It is my passion to make an impact in the lives of others and the realization that not everyone comes out of similarly defeating pasts in a healthy way, brings me here today.