William Behring

Centerville, Massachusetts


Phone: (617) 480-4475

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The Mission For My Life Is...

My Mission for my life is to create a social business.  I call it my Pursuit Of Happiness (POH) social B business.  POH will create facilities that will those in need meet Food, Shelter and Child Care requirements while simultaneously provide enterprenurial, career and financial education.  

To achieve this I will be using the following life skills:   1 = Ability - Manage Multi billion dollar projects.

2 = Survivorbility - In the 90's when from near homelessness to owning a successful technology and business consulting company.

3 = Empathy - Go from being a poor undesired outsider to a respected Engineer & Business man.   



- Retired Engineer who worked on system technologies for the military, internet and automotive sound systems for 43 years.  

- Owmed Talnet Systems Inc. a Technology and Business consulting company for 15 years.

- Currently I am building a Real Estate business to support my family and to start my legacy Pursuit of Happiness Social Business.