Samarth Kochhar

Mississauga, Ontario

Sales Representative

Phone: (437) 970-2460

The Mission For My Life Is...

The mission for my life is to create 101 million healthy, happy, confident, financially independant and spiritually enlightened entrepreneurs. 


I'm Samarth, an entrepreneur first, then a REALTOR, then a Mechanical Engineer. 

I fell for the dream of having a high paying job out in Silicon Valley, so I wrote down the 5 companies I wanted to work for while I was in college: Apple, Tesla, BlackBerry, Google and another one. 

Funny enough, the title didn't matter, and I found myself, one-by-one, checking off these names as I spent 4 months at each, until my last three, which I spent at Apple. 

I had achieved my dream, and now, upon graduation, I was aimless. I had no clue of where to go. I went into depression and felt shamful for not having lived up to my potential. I spent way too long looking at how I had failed, especially as I saw my colleages from school succeed and earn over $120,000/yr, while I sat around unemployed.

I read and listened to books, listened to podcasts, watched whatever I could to understand how I had lost, until I discovered that I had lost my connection to the higher power or God, whatever you wish to call it, having neglected it for the past many years.

I left it to the higher powers that be, to guide me, and to show me the way, and asked it to use me to create a better world.

(The road wasn't easy, and I failed a lot, and I still fail at some things, but I enjoy the learning...)

Now, here we are.