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The Mission For My Life Is...

Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Happiness mission to YOU as Your Life was given to you By your parents, Gets what you made it. LIBERTY was earn with blood and passion by those that gave their Life for US so we can be able to choose our Life Decisions, and the best part " Pursuit of Happiness" emphasis PURSUIT...Its about ALWAYS re Inventing ourselfs and Pursuit That HAPPINESS in the means of Always Having A Disruptive LIFE. 


New York 1978 came to USA for a better future, Life was thought yet this city gave the Attitude to handle anything. Fast forward 1992 found myself in California dreaming and getting into Sales, for the next 9 years build Sales team (4700 Team Members) in USA, Mexico and Taiwan. Best part Meet My Wife Here. Company Close 1998 jump into sales of Utilities from scratch build at eam of 160 salesperson and sign over 10,000 clients in 6 months,Best part 1999 My Daughter was born, However again company pull out of California ,9,000 clients were gone overnight. So re-Invent myself move to Sacramento and got into Real Estate, 17 years fast forward and over 1,200 personal sales Life is just getting started. Building People is my specialty , Lets Re-invent yourself and lets Have A DISRUPTIVE life.