Amir Kayeni


Location: Englewood, Colorado

The Mission For My Life Is...

I AM DOING WELL ( Working-Enjoying-Learning-Loving ) all Quantum moment of my life so, I am not worry about the past or future. Teaching WELL through Quntum Leep is my Mission.


I was born in Iran in a middle class family and after graduating from high school I came to America on January 4th of 1978. In April of 1983 I Graduated from University of Colorado as a civil engineer. Although I never worked as a civil engineer, I used that knowledge throughout my entrepreneur courier to establishing a few businesses (home restoration, Restaurant, rental property and liquor store). I got my real estate license in April of 2004. For 6 years I was buying and selling my own properties. I started working for Keller William Realty in March of 2007 and have been working as a realtor there for the past 15 years.

I like hunting, fishing and soccer and am still playing them.

I am doing WELL (working-enjoying-learning-loving) all the Quantum moments of my life so I won't be worried about the past and future.