Elisa Wilcox

San Antonio, Texas

Rainmaker and Coach

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The Mission For My Life Is...

To make an impact in the lives of others by meeting them where they are at, elevating their vision, helping them discover their path, and reminding them along the way that the only way to get from where they started to their unique destination is to keep putting one foot in front of the other, over and over, and over again.  There is nothing that lights me up inside more than empowering people through coaching toward the path that leads to realization and passion for their distinctive purpose on Earth.      


I am a professional business owner who started by selling handmade crafts at fairs and have moved into owning 4 seperate companies and living my personal and professional dreams.  My life looks great today; however, it was not an easy journey from a 19 year old mom and college drop out to where I am today.  After 20 years as a female entrepreneur,  supporting the Air Force, working in pharmaceutical sales, and 7 years of success in real estate, and now running a 7th level business while I coach at the many of the top teams at the #1 grossing Keller Williams in the world.  I personally have experienced the life changing transformations that being coached by a variety of business and life coaches have made on me.   I have the knowledge, experience, and desire to give back and share with others.   Leadership to me is a combination of empowerment, revelation, and accountability that when done consistently with wisdom, kindness, and truth has the potential to deeply affect people.  This change affects every area of life, personal and professional, the circle of influence (such as their friends & family), potentially future generations, and the community as a whole.  My children are now young adults and pouring into the lives of this powerful generation of humans excites and inspires me.