Tyler Ritter

bettendorf, Iowa

The Mission For My Life Is...

To help others realize that the potential for growth is inside every one of them


When I first attended Quantum Leap with Gary Keller I knew I wanted to make the real estate profession in my local area more trustwothy but I had no idea on how and felt so overwhelmed by it that I didn't even try to move in any direction to see what worked and what didn't. After attending QL my goals got bigger and my direction more clear. My goal is to, through teaching and mentorship, show others that they can achieve their goals by setting out a plan and starting to move in a direction even if they are unsure if it is the right one! My passion and drive for the younger generations success comes from being a Millennial myself and having mentors and people close to me showing me that it was possible to succeed no matter my age. Since I was given this at a younger age I want to be able to give that back and improve people's lives the same way mine was improved.