Cheryl Cooper

Broker Associate

Location: Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey

The Mission For My Life Is...

To impower people of all ages to never give up on their dreams and to over come their fear while learning from my life's hard lessons hoping that they reach their goals faster than I did.


I am born and raised in New Jersey. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family where I was expected to work from the age of 11 on. I am grateful for the experiences and strong work ethic that my parents instilled in me. I never had the courage to live my own life and to follow my dreams. After the death of my first husband I decided to leave the family business and forge a life of my own while raising my son as a single parent. I worked in real estate for several years always admiring the top agents but thinking I could never be on of them. I did not have the courage or self esteem to run my real estate business until I changed my mindset and surrounded myself with forward thinking agents who are now some of my best friends. Through following systems, taking many educational classes and aligning myself with the best people and company I have found that I have created a business worth running and a life worth living. I wake up everyday grateful for what I have and for what I am accomplishing. My first year with Keller Williams I won the mentor of the year award because one of the things I most like to do is to teach and educate anyone who may need guidance, support or just and ear to listen.  I hope you enjoy and learn from me. Nothing will make me happier than to see you succeed in all your lifes endevers.