Debbie Slayton

PC Coach, Realtor

Phone: (253) 848-5304

Location: Puyallup, Washington

The Mission For My Life Is...

to finish it in the glory that God intended for me to.  His design for me through Faith must guide me to receive and return the gifts that he has given me to others so that in doing so I am enriching other people's lives in a way that raises their spirits and enlightens their souls.  And in doing so, I will enrich my spirit and enlighten my own soul.


A town girl in a farming community, I went to the Ag school in my state and graduated without achieving my original major.  I dropped into radio sales and learned really quickly that I loved being #1 on the sales charts.  From there I made career changes without any sense of direction and without much effort kept breaking ceilings that others had not done before in a predominately mens industry.  I never had feeling that I couldn't win and never decided to stop winning.  Then one day 40 years into my wonderful life, I encountered something that made me completely stop and redesign my life.  I retired early from the industry I was in and reinvented myself in real estate.  It is a full time hobby for me, it supports my life, my family and has enriched my retirement in ways I never could have imagined.  I started working at a PC Coach for my local KW office, got my DOL license to teach, and was tossed into this through the QL class I took from Dick Dillingham my second year at Keller Williams.  I am living my best life and not any too soon.