Ian Streutker

Manager of Education and CEO Growth

Location: Oakville, Ontario

The Mission For My Life Is...

To change the world by helping people believe that they can


I'm the youngest of five kids that all grew up on a dairy goat farm in Woodstock, Ontario. Growing up I was taught to find something that I was passionate about and to pursue it with all my heart. When I finished highschool I was lost and confused, I was coming to the realisation that going to school, getting a degree, and following the standard path that my friends and family had walked down was not the path for me. Ever since that day I've been pursuing the idea and belief that there's a better way to live a fulfilling life than to just follow the status quo and do as you're told. I've now taken this belief and built up multiple businesses in the business development and education development industries. My passion and love for what I do grows every day and I can now see a brighter future than I ever thought possible. It is my mission now to share my journey, and all that I've learned, to the other people in this great world so that together we can find true passion, fulfillment, and love.