David Tunnicliffe

Associate Broker

Location: Chesapeake, Virginia

Instructor Website

The Mission For My Life Is...

The mission for my life is to empower people in their gifts and talents by providing them with resources, tools and connections to reach their goals. 


I was born in England and then moved to America when I was 10 years old. Having had many opportunities to travel and experience many different cultures, I have found that encouraging people to follow their dreams and use their gifts to impact the world is a passion of mine. Through high school, college and after school I have spent many years coaching sailing to children as young as five to adults as old as 60+ (they wouldn't give me their real age!). Being surrounded not only by the sailors, but by their parents and support, again, exposed me to a myriad of different professions and influential people. 

I started real estate in 2011 in Commercial Real Estate with a large firm that gave me the foundation and opportunity that I have now to grow my business. I moved to Keller Williams in 2020 to expand my business into residential, investments, and continue with commercial real estate. Commercial real estate will be my main focus as I enjoy helping people start, expand or reposition their livelihood and dreams, and ensure they have the best possible opportunity I can provide. I have talked many people out of leasing or buying space from me because it wasn't the best fit for them, and I will continue to do that even though it costs me money, it will give me peace of mind. I will always try to offer my thoughts and advice when welcomed, and after taking the extra time to figure out what is best, we create a plan together to see the plan fulfilled.