Trent Zimmer

Optimist | Visionary | Friend | ZOLD™ Real Estate - Founder

Location: Apple Valley, Minnesota

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The Mission For My Life Is...

To help others discover their potential within to live the fullest and most complete lives possible by opening their minds to bigger thinking and limitless possibilities.


Hi there!  My name is Trent and I am the founder of ZOLD™ Real Estate, a company with Keller Williams Realty in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. While Real Estate is what I do, it is not who I am. Who I am is just a guy that is obsessed with progress and becoming the best version of myself. I am unconditionally dedicated to my wife and my kids to be the best possible Husband and Father in this life that I have been given. It is the Quantum Leap journey and principles that keep me on the path to living a life with the highest level of standards for myself and those that I surround myself with. Since taking this course with Gary, it has become my mission to share this empowering curriculum and material with others to help them catapult their lives, too. A lesson I learned from my mother during a difficult time in my life is that there is always something postive you can take from any situation, no matter how bad it is. When your perspective changes, so do your fears. When you know that no matter what happens, something good will come from it, you begin to look at fear and failure differently. In 2013, I had what I thought was my dream career. I quickly realized it was not what I wanted and one day decided to pack up my Volkswagen Jetta with everything I owned and drive from Miami, FL to Saint Paul, MN to start a Real Estate business. I could hardly afford the gas to make the trip. Today, I own a real estate business that is one of the top producing teams in the area. It's funny, as I look back on that moment that I quit my job in FL and put Miami in my rear view mirror, there was never a single moment when I was worried or afraid of failing. I knew in that moment that this was either going to be the best decision I ever made or I was going to learn an huge lesson from it. Both were wins in my book.

 Trent is a master of connection and enjoys growing the community of ZOLD™. Outside of real estate, you can find Trent spending quality time with family and friends, eating at local eateries, spending time with his kids and enjoying the outdoors. Trent is married to Karissa who also works for ZOLD™. They have 3 children and a Samoyed! They are both proud of the life they are designing here in Minnesota.