Boubacar Toure

Licensed Sales person

Location: Jackson Heights, New York

Instructor Website

The Mission For My Life Is...

is to create an impactful business for me and my family based on my changing values (religion, family, health, and culture) and create a mentorship program in which I will educate others to create an impactful business for them and their family. 


I'm a real estate agent in New York. Prior to being a realtor, I was a paralegal at Vernon & Associates PC, and before that, I was a store manager at Jimmy Jazz. Real estate has been a value and priority in my family. Back in Guinea, Conackry, My father, Uncles and other family members own lands, built rental properties, and own their private properties. I figure the best way to carry this legacy in the U.S is to embark myself in this journey., here I am as a real estate agent who services all areas in New York.