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The Mission For My Life Is...

My mission for my life is to always be able to be coachable and learning based. Creating stronger leadership skills that I can use in my business and life is a high priority for me.  I gain the biggest reward when someone sees the bigger vision of what they are trying to accomplish and my life is impacted positively in that process!


Annette Compo began her career in the real estate industry licensed in 1991. Annette has always been regarded as a top sales performer and has consistently been list in the top 10% for sales among all Michigan Realtors over the years.
Annette Compo also has been heard weekly by thousands of listeners on 760AM WJR, ABC and CBS radio. Real Estate 411 adio was established in 2009 to help consumers understand all options when making decisions with their largest investment, their real estate.

Since her tenure at her firm, Annette was recognized as the #1 Sales Person for the company. When making her move into the South Eastern side of the State in 2005, she worked for two Fortune 500 Real Estate Companies in the movement of affiliated business model of franchising. When it comes to her career, Annette has worked tirelessly to achieve her goals and further her development as one of the countries leading women in the real estate industry.

I absolutely love what I do and delight in watching people reach their dreams and goals. Coaching, training and development is a responsibility that I respect and live to earn the right to continue to serve!

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