Stephen Cooper

Asheville, North Carolina


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The Mission For My Life Is...

Understanding that the value in life comes from a relationship with God, myself, and others that develops a positive outlook and builds community so we can move together toward a life of abundance puts us on a mission worth sharing. Encouraging, sharing, problem solving, coaching, challenging, following and leading, learning and teaching, and generally interacting with others bring the reward of seeing others empowered and better equipped to discover and live a worthy life mission.


After a lifelong career in communications, sales, and marketing, Steve found his way to Keller Willaims as a Broker and Agent. "I discovered a company with an outstanding culture and training program, an environment that encourages each person, no matter what age or stage in life, to re-think a purpose and mission for life." This is worth participating in. A native to the Western North Carolina mountains, Steve is a husband to Freda, a father to Wendy and Keri, and a grandfather to seven wonderful young people. An occasional round of golf, a ride by the river, and game-time gatherings with family and friends bring fun to life.