Mandi Pratte

Glendale, Arizona

Instructor Website

The Mission For My Life Is...

To help others live an empowered life of purpose, prosperity and fulfillment through coaching, teaching and speaking.   


Mandi is a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Neuro Linguistic Program, and helps others to become more empowered through understanding who they are, what their purpose is, and developing an empowering mindset and successful strategies.   She is extremely passionate about helping others become inspired by a greater possibility and purpose in life, and be empowered to live their vision and create an abundance of inspiring results through following successful models.   

In addition to teaching NLP and Quantum Leap, Mandi is also a business owner and coach.  As a transformational integrative NLP coach, she helps guide others through letting go of their limiting beliefs and blocks to their success, and create clarity around. vision that truly inspires them.   Coaching them through taking action towards living an inspired life is incredibly fulfilling for her, and she is grateful for the opportunity to serve others in their personal growth and development.   

Mandi has also grown a successful real estate business, and was consistently awarded one of the top agents through Real Trends.    Through the profits in her business, she funded and founded a local non-profit foundation teaching kids about servant leadership, and providing growth opportunities for them to develop their leadership through giving to the community.   

Mandi has a passion for teaching others, and loves the ripple effect this creates as others live an empowered life filled with purpose, productivity and fulfillment!