Mandi Monaghan


Location: Glendale, Arizona

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The Mission For My Life Is...


Mandi is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Growth for The Monaghan Group, your first stop of buying and selling a home in the Phoenix area. Mandi is a  certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming through the Association for Integrative Psychology and is also CAP certified as an Empowerment Coach.


As an Arizona Native, Mandi grew up in Arizona. She purchased her first home at age 23 and her first investment property at age 30. Mandi began her career in 2001 working with the government in community planning and commercial development. In 2005 Mandi obtained her license in Real Estate and was named Keller Williams International #2 agent team for units sold in 2011.  In 2013 Mandi became a Real Estate Coach helping other real estate companies increase their service standards and grow their organization through adding value to their clients.


Ask Mandi what she enjoys most about her career and she will tell you that she LOVES hearing client success stories and helping clients achieve their goals. Whether it is taking the time to help clients achieve clarity around what matters most in their move, helping a seller sell their home for more than they initially thought or seeing a buyer jump up and down with excitement, it all goes back to helping clients get what they want.


Mandi also has a passion for providing wealth building opportunities for her clients. Recognizing that most clients have a majority of their financial resources tied to their home, Mandi strives to guide clients towards getting the best value possible so that they can enjoy the benefits of home ownership.


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