Tamera Saling-Starke


Phone: 817-687-8562

Location: Arlington, Texas

The Mission For My Life Is...

As a teacher, I was guided by two main thoughts.  Hooray for Diffendoofer Day by Dr. Seuss (seriously!) and a quote... "The true meaning of education is to grow trees under whose shade you may never sit."  My mission is to reach all people where they are in the learning-style that best suits them in order to help them identify the tools they posess intinsicly that make them self-sufficient and leaders to others.  

My three main values are Freedom, Discipline, and Empower.  



I spent 15 years in the field of education and eventually earned the title Doctor of Educational Leadership and Administration from Dallas Baptist University in 2015.  As a middle school science teacher, I hosted students on camping trips to study nature, accidentally blew holes in the classroom cieling with rockets to study physics, and certainly spent time loving on my students teaching life skills, too.

I traveled the country with the National Math and Science Initiative as a Trainer of Teachers, taught at the University of North Texas and University of Texas at Dallas, and now act as Master Faculty within Keller Williams Arlington.

I'm married to my business partner and best friend, Barry, and we have 4!!! teenagers. I want to do all the things all of the time... mountain biking, hiking, camping, cooking, reading, journaling, walking the dogs, disc golf, soccer, Camp Gladiator, Spartan Races, and more.  I'd much rather make things I MUST do fun and enjoyable, so I spend a lot of time being silly with colleagues and clients and students.  Play hard is my life motto!