Eloise Middleton


Location: Oakland, California

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The Mission For My Life Is...

The mission for my life is to help people turn their dreams into opportunties, so they can accomplish their goals and go to greater heights.  I will do this by teaching and speaking.


My name is Eloise Middleton from North Carolina and I'm the 10th child of 14 children.  As a child, we lived far from the main highway, so we had to walk a mile and a half to catch the school bus.  We were farmers, and tobacco was our main source of income.  Farming wasn't bad, but there was always somethign to do. Therefore, I learned the value of working.  After graduating from high school, I moved to a small city in upstate New York.  After one year of working in New York, I decided I needed to further my education.  So I headed off to a trade school in Tampa Florida.  My parents didn't have any money for college and ths school was offering a small grant.  After graduating from the trade school, I moved back to North Carolina to get a job. I quickly realized I needed even more education, so I attended a junior college.  While attending junior college, I started in the workspace.  Therefore, I worked days and attending school at night.  I learned typing, shorthand, and other secretarial duties.  After a few years, and a number of jobs, I had a desire to increase my knowledge and skills again, so I decided to move to the West Coast.  After moving into Oakland, CA, I went back to school part time at University of Phoenix in their accelerated program for two years.  In two years, my job was transferred out of the country, and I decided to study real estate.  After I received my real estate license, I realized that I really liked helping people accomplished their goals.  After 16 years in real estate, I still enjoy the smiles on the faces of my clients when they have accomplished their financial goals through buying or sellign real estate.