Tina Branine


Location: Overland Park, Kansas

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The Mission For My Life Is...

Serve underestimated youth to help create their own opportunities and empower them with tools to design a life of unlimited potential.


Tina is focused on being a dedicated advocate for her clients. She is also motivated to ensure that her clients are receiving the highest level of service so that it alleviates their stress. Tina’s personality and caring attitude will put a smile on your face. However, just know, that she is also a fierce negotiator. Tina takes her passion for the customer experience seriously and is very appreciative that the majority of her business and success is thanks to referrals from past clients. As a graduate of KU, she is a dedicated college basketball fan and is the loving mother of a furry child. Tina specializes in the Johnson County, Kansas Market area.  Tina is passionate about giving back to the community!