Andrea Sheridan

Expansion: Edie Waters Network

Phone: (816) 668-7756

Location: Gladstone, Missouri

The Mission For My Life Is...

The mission for my life is to empowerment: helping those around me find their voice, their calling and teach them how to use it to serve themselves and the world around them.  I am able to do this by continually top grading my gifting of discernment, compassion and being a mirror for others to see their greatness.


Licensed in Missouri in 2002, Andrea is a second generation Reatlor.  Born and raised Kansas City proud.  Andrea began her career hosting as many open houses as she possibly could, eventually earning the opportunities to manage a new homes community, downtown condominium community, condo twin homes, representing Pulte Construction and luxury new construction.  Andrea started a new agent training and coaching program for her previous brokerage, understanding the void in assistance for Realtors just starting the business. 

 Andrea joined Keller Williams in 2014 and has served as an Assistant Team Leader, ALC Member, Team Leader and Productivity Coach.  Andrea is highly involved with the Realtor Association having served as the board president in 2018.  She was the Realtor Salesperson of the Year for the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtor and the Missouri Association of Realtors in 2015.  

Her greatest role in the world is as mom, bonus mom and Gigi to her 4 kids and 2 grandkids.