Vasheka Oliveras


Phone: 703-975-8023

Location: Manassas, Virginia

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The Mission For My Life Is...

My mission in life is be a helper, facilitator, and a beacon of light to a person who may not know they need help, to someone who can’t help themselves and to someone who may just need guidance. My desire to help comes from not having a person to guide me in a more direct path through life. I am fueled by wanting to share my life’s lessons, my loses and wins and most of all my spirituality which has gotten me where I am today. My creator put me on this earth to help as many people as I can no matter what they look like or where they are in life!


I am a retired military veteran of 20+ years, and mother of three daughters. I was born and raised in Dover, Delaware. I am very dedicated, detail oriented, and hard working. I have a Bachalors degree in Criminal Justice and working on my Business degree.  My goal is to provide my clients the simplest and smoothest of service. I take pride in everything that I do and strive to make sure my clients are satisfied.