Renee Brokaw


Location: Oviedo, Florida

The Mission For My Life Is...

To educate and inspire people to attain their goals and live a better life. 


After being a public speaking professor for years, I decided to move closer to my grandchildren in Winter Park, Florida. When I started a new career in real estate, I didn't realize I would have the best of both worlds when I discovered I could continue teaching as a Quantum Leap Instructor. My teaching philosophy is embodied in a quote from Noble Prize Laureate Elie Weisel.  “I am a student and I am a teacher….one is both always.” Teaching is both a recursive and a collaborative process. Teaching is recursive in the sense that educators must be open to change and it is collaborative in the sense that a successful classroom environment is contingent upon the interaction between the teacher and the student. I enjoy working in a learning environment where students are the center of the learning process and I am a facilitator or guide. My students are active learners, and I engage them in activities that will demonstrate basic course training through real-life examples. As students navigate through the content of the course, I try to foster their critical thinking skills. My ultimate goal is to spark an interest in learning that will last beyond the time they spend studying with me.  In other words, if they leave my training session asking more questions than I can answer, then I consider the time they spent with me a success.