Jesse Coleman


Location: Oak Lawn, Illinois

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The Mission For My Life Is...

To give back to the youth. Be there to show them that they have options to better their lives. Show them that the world is theirs. By sharing my story and those close to me. Listen to their concerns, challenges, and objections. I want to help them build a game plan for their life and business.


Born and raise on the southside of Chicago, in the Englewood community. I’ve been a part of the real estate industry for 11 years working in residential and commercial. I was a volunteer football coach for a community school on the southside of Chicago where I worked with inner city youth helping them understand the game of football and life lessons.  I have two daughters one who is 19 and the youngest who is 4.

I'm The Chapter President for KWYP Chicago and my mission is to prepare the future leaders, not only in real estate but in life period.