Marissa Canario

Director of Growth- United Home Group

Phone: (352) 634-4672

Location: Port Orange, Florida

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The Mission For My Life Is...

The mission for my life is to share my failures, hardships and successes with young people around me, who have known disadvantage and hardship.I want all young people to understand that these so-called, "disadvantages" and hardships are typically major opportunities in disguise. There is so much determination and "GRIT" that you earn by going through these events, and there is such amazing things on the other side. Everyone deserves to have the models that can be employed to get there. I will implement my mission by helping others to uncover their gifts while I forge the path to my dreams. You see, my dreams are unfulfilled if I don't help others. I will know that I achieved what I set out to do when I can watch young people that I mentored blaze their own trail. Education and the relentless push to grow my businesses and myself more than they were yesterday is contagious, and I can't wait to share that!


Marissa joined Keller Williams, just over a year ago, but has been in the Real Estate business for five years. Starting in New Englad in 2004, she sold while attending college to help ends meet. Once college was over, she moved to Florida, and chose to build a new company during the great recession. Once it attained the level of success that it needed to be sold, she sold it, and returned to her passion of Real Estate. BUT, her Real Estate career took an interesting turn, when she was asked to go and work with the United Home Group. The time she has spent at Keller Williams has truly been what she had been seeking for her entire career. Marissa loves nothing more than negotiating, building businesses and pushing herself to succeed day in and day out. Being an integral part of the growth of an expansion team has spoken to that nature, and the challenge day in and day out to do better than the day before is exactly what she needed. While she is not working she is raising her two children in Florida, and travelling as much as possible. She has a passion for all things business related, and thinks a good Friday night is reading and looking at numbers for the various businesses she is involved in.