Amy Everhart


Phone: (336) 225-1115

Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The Mission For My Life Is...

My mission is to provide education and resources to the next generation. It is vital they are inspired to achieve everything the want in life. Responsible planning and savings is key to understanding how to prepare for the unknown and expected. I want them to know that the word impossible is a lie. The truth is "I'm possible"!


I am a REALTOR because I love helping my clients in their life events. I have a teenage daughter that does special effects makeup and welds. I am engaged to a very supportive man. I have an Alaskan Malamute that is 133lbs and a Flemish Giant house rabbit that is 12lbs. I volunteer at Special Olympic local games and Hospice Care. We all grow by sharing our experiences. Life is ours to live but it is empty without the fulfillment life events bring.