Joff Pedretti


Location: Madison, Wisconsin

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The Mission For My Life Is...

To acheive as much as possible, and then pass that knowledge and experience to others so they can experience even greater successes and continue to pay it forward to others.


I've lived in Wisconsin my whole life receiving a degree from University of Wisconsin - La Crosse in Physical Education. I taught elementary physical education in my hometown of Verona, WI for 16 years. About 10 years into my teaching career I made the decision to purchase my first investment real estate property. After seeing the benefits of passive income first hand, I chose to continue to grow my real estate investments and in 2017 that lead to me deciding to get my real estate licence.

Today I'm an active real estate agent who helps people buy and sell homes, as well as investment real estate. At the same time, I'm still expanding my investment real estate portfolio. Although I'm not teaching, I'm still actively involved with students through my coaching programs in Verona who inspire me daily.