Virginia Ginger Marphis

Reno, Nevada


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The Mission For My Life Is...

My Mission for my life is to leave this world a better place than I found it.

- To be in control of my own destiny.

- To have a voice and be heard.

- To continue to be a Student and always read and learn and grow.

- To be the decision maker. I decide about my life, my income level, my path & my destiny.

- To have a choice to be great or average. I choose to be great!

- To build a business to be proud of, where I'm focused on building the vision to help my family and build a legacy.

- To help others build up their talents to help create their legacies too. 

- God placed me here on this earth with a purpose. I do not take this lightly

- Help Teach and give back to Young People: 

     - Ability to Dream

     - Find and use their gifts god gave them

     - Realize the reality of sky is the limit.

     - Rid them of limiting beliefs

     - Help them use their fears for good

My Top Values include: Respect, Humility & Integrity.


My love for real estate keeps me excited about helping people learn and grow with me in this journey to financial freedom. I love the fact that Real Estate has four different avenues of return, including: Cash Flow, Appreciation, Tax Benefits & Debt Paydown ( in most cases. Leverage of purchasing a home for as little as 3%-20% down and allowing for a tangible asset which, historically, has outpaced every investment out there. Awareness of Real Estate Magic is something I want to spread throughout the world. I want everyone to own real estate like all the big guns do (Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Warren Buffett, Roger Staubach, Emmitt Smith, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi). My dream of exposing to the young people of America the values of owning Real Estate and the secrets of how to make that happen for themselves at an early age through education and mentorships is one of the driving forces keeping me excited about my position in my real estate business. Helping people grow their financial portfolios while growing my own family's wealth through Real Estate is what makes this business so amazing.