Scott Shubert

Market Center Administrator

Phone: (216) 870-1589

Location: Solon, Ohio

The Mission For My Life Is...

The mission for my life it to motivate others to improve their lives and help them achieve their goals through listening, teaching, speaking and coaching.


When growing up I was labeled all kinds of things such as learning disabled, disruptive, and lazy.

As a Junior in high school I asked my counselor “I see all of these students visiting colleges, who do I visit the, and how do I apply?”  My counselor then showed me a room full of College brochures and said, “Here pick one, and apply.”

I did apply and was accepted to a college and was informed that I would have to take remedial classes.  I was a Senior in High School when I took my first algebra class.

In 1999 I received my MBA from Cleveland State University.

After working in Healthcare for 25 years, as a Financial Analyst, Imaging and Laboratory Business Manager, Cancer Center Research Finance Manager I knew I needed a change.  I dreaded going to work.

In January of 2011 I made the ultimate decision to change my life.  I weighed 415lb and my health was on a downward spiral.  The Health Care company I was working for; that I saved them $6M over 3 years, was closing and wanted to relocate me, but I was unwilling to leave my family.  I finally, made the decision to have weight loss surgery, and to change jobs.

I had a friend named Sally Roseman, who opened up a Keller Williams Market Center in 2009, and she was looking for someone to bring the Market Center to the next level. In October of 2011 she hired me as the Market Center Administrator.

In 2011 the Market Center made $24.00.  Since then I have help make the Market Center over $1.5M in profit, $1.3M in profit Share, and now in 2020 Sally has sold the Market Center for over $1.1M.

Though adversity, and the willingness to change, and with the skills that Keller Williams has taught me, I now know I can achieve anything.  There are bigger and better thing for me to accomplish, just wait and see.