Brett Knybel


Phone: (586) 295-9550

Location: Chesterfield, Michigan

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The Mission For My Life Is...

To lead, coach, and inspire others to see and experience lifes endless possibilities through casting the clearest vision of the abundant world around us. 


As a pure breed Millennial born in the 1990's, it came clear to me that the worlds "haves' and "have-nots" were dividing very disproportionately. Living my high school years from 2005-2009 I grew up watching the world change dramatically for friends and family all over the Metro-Detroit suburbs. The world’s greatest financial crash forever impacted the lives of every person I cared about. Friends from school could no longer afford to play ice hockey and even worse, their parents couldn’t' afford to pay the mortgage, and they lost their homes.

In 2008, as a Junior in High School, I took a serious dive into real estate trying to understand the world of economics to see why, and what, caused such tragedy to so many. Through college, I studied marketing, but I continued to self-educate myself with investment real estate while wondering why college was so necessary. The practical applications they taught no longer related to the fast-changing world we were living in. In 2013, the rise of social media was ignored and the smartphone was treated as a toy by professors, employers, and parents. They continued to focus on marketing efforts that in a few short years became obsolete such as newspaper advertising.

With all the push for even higher education funded by student loans, college admissions directors continued to push for more education. Being able to avoid the student loan trap and working full-time as a full-time student was probably the most valuable lesson I learned from college. The lesson being avoid bad debt and on-the-job training was the fastest way to learn. Within 12 months of graduating from college, I was enrolled in real estate licensing school and signed up with Keller Williams. 

My first 6 months in the business I was able to sell 20 homes as a 24-year-old, and in my "rookie year" I was able to sell 48 homes. From there I went on to co-create a team producing 100+ closed sale units three years in a row. Learning the tools and technology of Keller Williams I was quickly able to leverage many parts of my business creating a 6-person team. The leverage over those 4.5 years gave me the chance to invest anything I could into real estate. Through all this, I was able to acquire 17 rental doors and 4 vacant lots by age 28. I believe the power of Quantum Leap after taking the class twice at Family Reunion, helped me forever change the direction of my life and my families. 

Now my passions are growing into coaching and mentoring others to create a world of abundance around them. I look forward to helping inspire others to carry on their journey to the life of abundance.