Jennifer James

Rainmaker - SNRG Homes

Phone: (720) 402-5199

Location: Westminster, Colorado

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The Mission For My Life Is...

To build better community leaders by teaching, mentoring and coaching others to find clarity in their personal mission.


I'm one of the few out there who could say they wanted to be a REALTOR since they were 5. My favorite memories were running around houses picking out which room would be mine when my family was moving. Having gone to 8 different schools between Kindergarten and Graduation, it was a natural fit. Being a REALTOR helps me fund a life worth living so that I can continue helping those around me reach their full potential and achieve their dreams and goals.

I feel that every person deserves good shelter and want to help them take pride in their homes. We as REALTORs are given the gift to guide an individual, a family, a couple or a group of investors in the largest and most important investment they may ever make. It is a gift we can't take for granted. We need more true professionals in our industry to help shape the future of home-ownership in Colorado and our Country. This is why I am a proud REALTOR.