Kristin Francis

CEO, Kristin Francis Team


Phone: (571) 276-1866

Location: Fairfax, Virginia

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The Mission For My Life Is...

To create opportunities others are inspired to capture, ultimately benefiting underprivileged women and children.


Kristin has been in real estate since 2004 and actively licensed since 2009.  Mother of 3, holder of a bona fide patent, and rainmaker of a real estate Mega Team, the Kristin Francis Team at Keller Williams Capital Properties in Arlington, VA. Kristin is inspired to reach out to the youth of America, offering a guide to entrepreneurship and discovering innate talents that can be offered to the world, to shortcut the self-discovery process. After unwittingly performing as an entrepreneur her whole life, finally realizing at the age of 37 that she was an entrepreneur felt like decades lost.  Had she known her talent as a teenager, she would have leaned in to the space rather than feeling lost and oppportunistic rather than purposeful for so long. She would like to pay it forward, giving the gift of clarity and opportunity to today's youth.

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