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The Mission For My Life Is...

To help young adults to realize their big dreams and to help them understand that anything is possible! I do this through writing, coaching and speaking.


As a wife of 28 years and a Mom of 2 young men in college, I see a lot of potential in our young people.  After having a discussion with our boys, I have discovered that our young people have not been taught that they can dream big and do whatever they would like to do.  Life can be tough and throw curve balls at you!. It's how you react to those curve balls that, at the end of the day, will define how successful you really are.  Do you choose to get back up on your two feet and move ahead, or sulk in the chaos and stop right there? There are many lessons to be learned and an abundance of opportunities for everyone. 

I attended UW-Stout and obtained a BS in Hotel/Restaurant Management and went on to work for Marriot International.  I quickly found my passion in sales and customer service, loving to serve others. Our oldest son was born very early and needed a lot of care in his younger years, so I chose to be at home and work part-time selling kitchen tools. After a very large move across the country into an unknown state, I found myself in a leadership position, coaching and training hundreds of consultants within that organization.

After moving back to the mid-west in 2003,  I started selling real estate. My first year in business, I helped 55 families where I was in an unfamiliar state, a little town and not knowing anybody! After 3 years, we moved to Holmen, WI, where we raised our boys and I continue to sell real estate to this day.  I discovered Keller Williams in 2010 and love the opportunities that this company has given me.  Having an entrepreneur mindset and loving to learn, this company has given me freedom to put GOD, family and business first with the training, tools and technology!

I enjoy serving my clients and educating them in the real estate world as a customer service focused individual and my passion is serving others so they can get what they want. With God's help, I am so excited to be helping our young people so that they may be equipped to go out into our world and make a difference with their gifts and talents. I am thrilled to share my experiences and to help our younger generation discover their passion, dreams and to think big in order to be successful in whatever they choose to do!

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