Robert Lopez

Realtor/Team Leader


Phone: (609) 865-7483

Location: Princeton, New Jersey

The Mission For My Life Is...

My mission in life is to have an impact on young adults with the goal to help them uncover their unique talents and see that their specialness is the path to a puposeful life for them and for all they meet. My success in striving towards my mission will use my talents of teaching and motivating all to take action towards self mastery and creating their legacy in the world.


During my time at Columbia University I became a full time teacher in a private school teaching grades 1-8 in history, geography and physical education, I continued this career after leaving Columbia University for 5 years. I left teaching to eneter the financial planning world starting as employee benefit specialist and growing to a a financial planner specializing in counseling attorneys. I moved to New Jersey and after 2 years of communiting left my New York business and started celling real esate and have been do the same in the residential and commercial sphere for over 22 years.

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