Laura Montocchio

Morehead City, North Carolina

Lead Buyer Specialist, Mary Cheatham King Real Estate

Phone: (252) 518-5222

The Mission For My Life Is...

The mission for my life is to lift up those around me by continually expanding my own energetic self through meditative practices, studying, and teaching.


Laura Montocchio is the Lead Buyer Specialist for Mary Cheatham King Real Estate. Laura began her career as an award-winning sales representative and trainer in the pharmaceutical industry. Subsequently, Laura traveled the country as a professional facilitator of sales training programs. From 2004 - 2015, Laura ran her own corporate training firm where she and her team invented several innovative training tools for sales professionals.

Laura takes pride in her ability to focus on each client's individual needs and to invest her efforts in fulfilling those specific needs. This process becomes all the more gratifying when it involves something as meaningful as helping a client fulfill their family's dream of owning a vacation home at the beach.

When Laura is not focused on real estate, she and her husband Marc enjoy boating on the Crystal Coast, along with their beloved dogs Kitty and Patsy Cline. Laura is a long-time student of yoga.