Ana Carrion

Director Of Agent Services


Location: Jersey City, New Jersey

The Mission For My Life Is...

Making a difference in people's life through kindness, love and compassion...


Born and Raised in Puerto Rico, Ana speaks fluent English and Spanish. She has always had a passion for writing and sharing her story- in hopes of inspiring others and making a difference in the world, even if it's just one person at a time.

Ana obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Communications and Psychology at USC, San Juan, PR. She Graduated in 2014 and made the move to New Jersey. She got her first job as a teacher for young children between the ages of 4-5.  That's when she discovered that teaching was something she wanted to do, forever, even if it wasn't full time.

After 3 years in the Educational Service Industry, Ana made a career change and joined Keller Williams Realty, in Jersey City. Starting out as a Director of First Impressions she learned about real estate, costumer service and completely stepped out of her confort zone to embrace new challenges. 

Almost 3 years later, she is now the Director of Agent Services and is officially a QL Instructor. What inspired her to become one? Her MCA, Patricia Hoyos-Hardeway, and the way she taught QL the past 2 years. Ana helped with the set up and was present during the class as a student. This made her take a step back, think and realize this could be her way to make a difference in people's world. 

Ana is really proud of working in a company that not only cares about its employees and agents, but about people who they are surrounded by. 


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