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The Mission For My Life Is...

Promote generational mindset shifts of youth by inspiring positive decisions, habits and actions, while encouraging the setting of goals fueled by undiscovered passion.


A native to Little Rock, Arkansas, Quincy Holloway is a father of 3 children and a husband of 11 years to his wife and business partner Danah Holloway. He is an Executive Broker/Realtor and leader of the Quintessential Realty Team with Keller Williams Realty in Little Rock, Arkansas for 5 years. Classified as an "underprivlieged" and/or "at-risk" youth he was fortunately shown a life contrary to the enviornment in which he was raised.  Capitalizing on chances to experience the world awoke an epiphany. Life was bigger than Little Rock and it was a vast world with limitless opportunity. It wasn't until he became an adult that fundamental lessons were realized. His passions are forged on the foundation of established principles. Due to this arduous journey he personally vowed to pay it forward by helping youth to overcome the odds. It is a core belief for Quincy that change is initiated by thoughts promoting decisions followed by actions. KW Kids Can provides a platform for which he can start to explore the barriers of success that prevent young adults from excelling to their full potential. Revealing the power of clarity coupled with passions that form into realistic goals, Quincy hopes to transform his community one young person at a time.