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Location: Toronto, Ontario

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The Mission For My Life Is...

To donate 1 million dollars to charity every year

To touch the lives of the people I come accross, by loving and accepting them the way they are, and speaking life into them in love..

To motivate and encourage people to see their God given potential.

To motivate and encourage business owners to see there's really no limits to their success.

To contribute to the growth of my city/country and put it on the map at a very high level.



Growing up I lived in Brazil and at a young age my family and I sought after a new adventure: Canada. We moved here in the late summer of 1990 and I fell in love with the Canadian lifestyle, and The City of Toronto. I quickly began to call Toronto my home, exploring and getting to know the communities and areas within. This is where I began on my Career Journey.

In 1997 through co-op education in high-school I had asked to be placed in a real estate office, later that year the office hired me as a secretary, giving me much exposure to how the Real Estate Business ran from the inside. Opening, closing, listing, buying – all of the terms soon became ones I would never leave behind. In 2005 I reached the goal of becoming a Sales Representative, gaining my licence in that year, but I couldn’t stop there! My love for this business, for people, and the desire to help everyone find their spot in a community that they can call home, was the fire that just kept burning. By 2007 I became a licenced Broker, and moving to more recent times, I am the Proud Owner of the KW office in downtown Toronto.

As it is for all business owners, I am constantly trying to make the current year the “best year yet!”, and that has not changed. Our mission is to deliver excellent customer service and 100% satisfaction to each and every one of our clients in their Real Estate endeavors. We want to impact and improve the lives of our partners and clients by providing them with new opportunities by means of knowledge, growth, business and investments.

In 2019 I achieved a milestone of donating 1 Million dollars to charity, it made me feel better than any of the hundreds of awards I have received to date in my profession.  My goal is to donate 1 million dollars every single year to charity and I believe I will achieve this by providing excellent customer service where our clients become our biggest advocates and continuing to educate our clients on how to become financially wealthy and have an early retirement plan so they can do the things they love to do and hopefully that is giving back to their communities as well.

My vision is to continually grow as a company, team, and community and also personally so that we can unite the businesses of Toronto and beyond – making a difference and having a lasting and positive impact on everyone we come in contact with.

For everything I have achieved in my life, I’ve never forgotten to be Thankful. I know that without God first, then my family, my team and my clients, there is no way I would be where I am now. There is so much good I want to do in this world, I just ask God to continue giving me the strength and grit He has given me so far.  Through good times and bad times He has been my rock, and for that I’m ‘grateful’.