Dillon O'Brien

Director of Agent Services, Technology Ambassador, QL Instructor

Email: dillonobrien@kw.com

Location: Orlando, Florida

The Mission For My Life Is...

To influence a generation to be, do, and have anything they want in this limitless life. I am committed to leading those in need from the mindset of scarcity to a life of abundance and joy. I intend to teach those that approach life with the mindset of "wanting" to instead approach each day with a grateful heart, thus seeing all that the universe will pour into their life because of it. 


Currently serving his Market Center as the Director of Agent Services, Technology Ambassador, and QL Instructor, Dillon is committed to serving his agents in all that they do. Having started with Keller Williams as an agent himself, he shortly realized that leadership was his calling. Why change the life of one-thousand clients when you can teach one-thousand agents to change the life of one-thousand clients? Talk about IMPACT! With the power of a global company which provides world-class technology, Dillon aspires to climb the ranks and increase his reach amongst his community, as well as the world. Dillon's job is to make the real estate buying & selling process simpler for the associates of Keller Williams Realty through the technology made available, thus making the process seamless for our clients. Our company prides itself in staying on the cutting edge of technology and, when you select your Keller Williams real estate agent, you will receive all of this and more.

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