Julie Hess


Email: juliehess@kw.com

Location: Enola, Pennsylvania

The Mission For My Life Is...

To encourage others to grow to their God given potential. To shed their limiting beliefs and explore the dreams that are placed in their hearts. To help them understand that God has a greater plan for each of us and to get out of the way and let the perfect plan take place. Think out of the box.....better yet, think for yourselves. Be creative, entrepreneurial, positive, confident and think bigger! Be willing to learn, grow and change! Be kind to other and always seek to understand!!


I have been in sales all my life. Started when I was 10 yrs.old knocking on doors in my neighborhood selling my homemade turtle door stoppers, then my homemade flowers! In High School I sold Avon and then went quiet for a while. Later while raising our children I sold skin care products, Christmas Around the World and then had an art business for 10 years. When into homes and held art shows representing artist from all over the world. I coached Track and Field for 10 years at the grade school level and then Cross Country for 5 years at the High School Level. Started my Real Estate business in 2009 and my husband joined me in 2016 and together we are building our team! I love to paint, garden, bake and travel. I run long distance, run races, play volleyball and attempt golf. I enjoy being around people, listening to their stories and encouraging as much as I can. Always have my head in a good inspirational book that I can apply to my personal life as well as our business. Right now our team is reading "The Culture Solution" by Matthew Kelly, awesome read! Raised three amazing young men who are out in the world doing what they were created to do! And as God reminds me to say each day........All Is Good!

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