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    Saturday, October 19, 2019
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    3421 W Rock Creek Rd #110
    Norman, OK 73072
  • people
    Audience: Ages 18-28
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    Suggested Donation: $25.00
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    Thank you for registering for Quantum Leap! For the event you may park in the parking lot outside the office, the classroom will be located behind the front desk and you will be provided your materials when you arrive. We will have a break for lunch around mid-day, feel free to brink snacks and a drink as well. I look forward to seeing you!
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Saturday, Oct 19th, 2019

QL for Young Adults

An Interactive Personal Growth Event

About Event

This interactive learning experience, designed for ages 18-28, helps attendees accelerate their success through proven models and tools that they can implment right away.

What you'll learn

  • doneWho am I and what do I want my life to be about?
  • doneHow will I structure my life to support this vision?
  • doneWhat key relationships do I need to support me along the way?
  • doneHow will I fund my mission so I can make the greatest impact?

About Instructors

  • Marcie Billen
    Norman, Oklahoma

    After graduating from the University of Oklahoma in 2011, Marcie spent one year living and traveling in the Middle East. That year of learning, traveling, and growing opened up her world to a million different possibilities. Upon returning to the U.S. Marcie became a personal trainer and began working...

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