• schedule
    Saturday, February 20, 2021
    10:30AM-12:00PM Central Daylight Time (GMT-5)
  • location_on
    12 Main St S
    Minot, ND 58701
  • people
    Audience: Ages 18-28
  • monetization_on
    Suggested Donation: $10.00
  • info
    Located at KW Inspire Realty Minot
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Saturday, Feb 20th, 2021

Own Your Life: Create Your MVVBP

An Interactive Personal Growth Event

About Event

Gaining clarity about your mission, vision, values, beliefs, and perspective is the key to living your life at the highest level. This interactive workshop guides you through the creation process and helps you put into writing statements that have the power to serve as a guide to making the best possible decisions.

What you'll learn

  • doneHow to create a mission statement
  • doneThe core words, phrases, and ideas that drive your behavior
  • doneA process for making the best possible decisions in life

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